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Liquid Polymer Dosing Systems

The Clearwater Model LQ 25 & LQ50 rapidly makes down and injects liquid polymers into wastewater streams, aiding in separating the solids from the water.

Optimal For:

  • Minimizing equipment costs
  • Administering coagulants and other pre-treating agents
  • Low quantity polymer consumers
  • Providing a simple, inexpensive solution to wastewater issues


 Equipment Functions:

  • Accurately mixes and injects a liquid polymer
  • Creates a fully inverted uniform polymer solution
  • Administers a site-specific solution at an adjustable-rate



  • Able to be “up and running” 20 minutes after arrival
  • Rugged industrial design to withstand harsh conditions
  • Very little operator attention required
  • Elevated skid for ease of service
  • Variable stroke metering pump
  • Inline static mixer ensures proper mixing of the polymer
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