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Portable Water Clarifiers

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Clearwater Industries has manufactured portable water clarifiers for 20+ years and is a pioneer in their development. Our line includes traditional sedimentation, ballasted flocculation, clay flocculation, and custom builds.

Customizable to fit your application

Our portable clarifiers come equipped with integrated polymer systems, climate-controlled operator rooms, and hydraulic jacking legs. Plus, each unit is further customized to fit your application. The clarifiers are road-legal turnkey systems, so they can be up and running wherever you need one.

Can withstand the harshest conditions

Servicing the aggregate industry led us to design and manufacture our systems to withstand the harshest of conditions. Over the years, the variety of applications for our portable water clarifiers has expanded to include drilling, dredging, environmental clean-up, tunneling, and more. Reliability, simplicity, and durability are the principles on which we improve and refine our systems.

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