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Chemscan Control Point 2.0 Monitor


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Chemscan Control Point 2.0 Monitor

Multi-sensor probes

The Chemscan Control Point 2.0 displays the results from multiple sensors in one centralized location. The monitor is designed to interface with individual sensor probes and Multi-sensor probes, allowing for the connection of 1 or 2 probes for a maximum of 16 parameters. With Modbus or 4-20 mA connections (2 outputs maximum), the sensor data can be transmitted to the plant SCADA system.

Combining sensors provides a very cost-effective way of simultaneously monitoring parameters such as dissolved oxygen (using the Chemscan RDOX) in an activated sludge plant or pH/ORP, Turbidity, DO, Temperature (using the ChemScan MPX4) at a treatment works outfall.

Trend display and data export capabilities

The Control Point 2.0 contains a built-in trending display, customer configurable, that shows the last 24 hours data for any measurement point on an east to navigate graph. This can also be downloaded for reporting purposes. An external USB port and data logging function allows users to log and retrieve all stored data for a site in a standard .csv format without the need for specialist SD cards or compatible hardware.


• Interfaces with all ChemScan family sensors and
• Rugged display with large, easy to read text
• Built in trending display, customer configurable
• External USB port and data logging function
• Connections for two probes
• Connects to plant SCADA


• Designed for various Water and Wastewater Municipal applications
• Cost effective way to combine multiple ChemScan probes
• Simultaneously monitor multiple parameters

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