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ChemScan UV-2250/NoP HMI Analyzer


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ChemScan UV-2250/NoP HMI Analyzer

​​The ChemScan UV-2250/NoP Analyzer provides operators with timely process chemistry measurements. The analyzer provides data to ensure proper control of nutrient treatment processes. This reduces the need for frequent manual sampling or laboratory analysis while producing the best water quality. The ChemScan UV-2250/NoP is equipped with a Graphic User Interface built to handle the challenges of a municipal/industrial environment. The display simplifies navigation making the analyzer user friendly. Large display numbers allow the operator to view the current parameter values at a glance.  Maintenance and trouble shooting videos can be accessed and viewed on the display.


  • ​Assure process conformance
  • Control energy and chemical costs
  • Confirm plant compliance in real time
  • Improve process performance
  • Low reagent and maintenance costs


Analyzer Features

  • ​​Simple to use and maintain
  • Designed for the harsh in-plant operation environment
  • Reagent-assisted, multiple-wavelength UV absorbance technology ensures accuracy across varying water conditions
  • Clog-proof, internal, multi-sample line manifold
  • Automatic zero and cleaning eliminates electrical/optical drift and flow cell-fouling
  • Benign, inexpensive reagents
  • No ion-specific electrodes to clean or replace
  • Multiple data communication options with plant (SCADA)


Interface Features

  • Industrial Hardened Interface
  • Local data visualization, simplifies use
  • Auto fault detection, auto recovery
  • Graphic representation of system operation
  • Multiple user levels, log of user changes
  • Recovery to factory default setting
  • Upgradeable via USB port
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