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ChemScan mini oP Ortho-Phosphate Analyzer


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ChemScan mini oP Ortho-Phosphate Analyzer

How are we different?

This highly reliable, easy to use online colorimetric water analyzer family provides accurate analysis, real-time data and continuous monitoring for municipal drinking water and wastewater applications. The ChemScan mini analyzer handles a single sample line and is available in a wide array of parameters and measurement ranges. Its industrial design, with sample tubing (ID) that is approximately 2X larger than competitive systems, minimizes the chance of plugging for exceptional reliability and lower maintenance. Its reliability combined with affordable reagents and spare parts results in a very low cost of ownership. In addition, ChemScan mini analyzers are so easy to start-up and maintain that service maintenance contracts are not necessary.

  • High Reliability
  • Low Capital Cost
  • High Accuracy
  • Low Operating Cost
  • EPA Recognized Analysis Method


  • Automatic Analysis Utilizing
  • Continuous Output
  • Multiple Data Communication Interface Options
  • ChemScan’s Proven VMo Method
  • Low Maintenance
  • Proven Sample Handling with Large I.D. Flow Paths
  • Simple Field Adjustable Calibration
  • Sample Blank to Eliminate Backgound Interference
  • Automatic Cleaning
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