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Cerlic O2X - DO Sensor

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor O2X for continuous measurement of dissolved oxygen in SBR systems, aeration basins and final effluent. The O2X is essential in saving energy associated with running blowers in aeration basins. The measurement of dissolved oxygen also assists in controlling nitrification/denitrification and leads to better process control. The oxygen electrode provides stable and reliable readings. The special, patented design of the electrode ensures that the air bubble will not touch the silver anode when in operation. This prevents corroding of the electrode and ultimately contributes to its long life. In addition, an automatic cleaning feature with built-in flushing nozzles and no moving parts guarantees accurate measurements and little maintenance. Two O2X sensors (or other sensors in the X-series) can be connected to a single BB2 box, which provides two 4-20 mA out-puts. While the BB2 can support up to four sensors, this is reserved for applications utilizing profibus technology. Sensors are easily connected to the BB2 control box with a simple plug & play connection.

Option: Electrode protection plate

Long life
Teflon membrane minimizes fouling.
Temperature compensation provides stability

Easy to use
Self-instructing menu
Six months between calibrations

Low maintenance
Field replaceable O2 cartridge
Flushes automatically

Easy to install
Telescopic rod mounts to handrail in minutes


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